Hey, We offer you a wide range of Apps available in Google Play Store. These apps are Designed & Developed by Google Play Android Developer Jaspreet Mann. Download & Enjoy these free Apps. If you wish to Make your own Personal or Business App or Ask us something, feel free to Contact / Visit us with details below. Thankz...


JASSES IT Company is offering a wide range of outstanding, unique & features-rich Services & Products with an economical costs.
Jasses+ App is specially for you with a Full HD Simple & User Friendly interface facilitating you to know more about our Services & Products.
You can also get in touch with our 24x7 Help & Order Customer Care.


Your Phone Rear Camera gives a good Photo of your Loved Ones...
Also Your Front Camera gives you a good Photo Selfie...
We offer you a Trend to use both of your Rear & Front Cameras to have a Great Image.
Toofie makes You and Your Loved Ones Together in a Single Frame...
Toofie combines Images from both of your Cameras & gives you a Trendy, Beautiful & HD Image...
You will love sharing your Toofie Images on any Social Media.
Now shift from only being with a Selfie.
Think United and Have a Toofie...Enjoy


Echoo is a Complete Mobile Remote Access Solution through SMS.
Echoo App once loaded on your mobile is easily accessible remotely by you in a secured manner, if it is in travel or used by any other user anywhere in the world. There is no need to run the application thereafter loading once.
You get Contact Numbers, Inbox SMS, Call Logs and IMEI Code as a reply, on Sending SMS from any mobile to your Echoo App loaded mobile. Also, you may set mobile Profile to Normal or Vibration or Silent on Sending SMS from any mobile to your Echoo App loaded mobile remotely Anywhere in the World. Syntax of SMS, as examples, are shown in the App.

Guru Prakash

The Power of Sikhism and blessed contributions of Sikh Gurus certainly cannot be summarized in words. Guru Prakash is a drop added in the vast ocean which limelight’s the heritage of Sikhism. Our aim is to disseminate the knowledgeable teachings that our Sri Gurus imparted us, which are to be followed along with the precious accoutrements may be cared upon and are being protected. Our aim is not to harm or hurt the integrity & feelings of any individual, place or religion.
Guru Prakash may shower the blessing with reverence and is dedicated to the immortal blessings of my Great Grand Father late Shri Prakash Singh Mann. I, on the behalf of my dear family, pay homage by this application to HIM with love.
Ik Onkar Satnam Waheguru


JasTeck streamlining the online shopping, is a first of its type application specifically dedicated to tech accessories. We are not walking on the footsteps to gather time consuming bulk store but a place where you will buy just the mere selective, checked, absolute and suitable products.
JasTeck covers the unending accessory range for PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Apple Devices, Essential Gadgets, USB & Portable. Those Products which are dependable, high in demand and making stylish trends are made available in our store.

Gurbaani Live

We are a new Live Streaming Sri Harmandir Sahib Gurbani Kirtan available online for our users.
You may always stay connected with us through our new ANDROID Application.
Kirtan is available 24x7.
I hereby thankz to the Management & Team of SGPC for the Live Link & Stream of Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar.


An Application which helps you to personalize your device Vibrations Easily & Interestingly.
Vibraz offers you an Unique & Impressive Interface where your can Switch Vibraz Call & SMS Vibrations ON & OFF.
Also you can have a feel over lots of exciting vibrations... & then setting them as your vibration...


Occasions & Events: Every day has memorable significance in our life. It is rather impossible to gather all of the connotations in a nutshell. Profound effort to compile most of the popular festivals and significant events which falls in a day are probably over looked and just passes by unintentionally.
Festeve, eventually reminds us what a day has to say more than it lights every morning.




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